The Pissaphone memorial

NZ's war memorial slammed as worse than Australia's 'urinal' – 14 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

New Zealand's war memorial in London has been slammed as "bristlingly unlovely installation in one of the most public sites in London" and Australia's described as resembling a urinal.

When I saw the memorial I thought that it looked like a whole lot of pissaphone's had been installed in giant scale.

What is a pissaphone?
More specifically a pissaphone has military origins from the Vietnam War.

Aussies and Kiwi's inventively used drums or artillery shell casings in which rounds were delivered to the troops. The tubes were useless after the round had been removed and delivered to the Viet Cong via aerial parabolic delivery. The Kiwi troops dug the tubes into the ground outside each gun emplacement and in various other locations so that troops could have a convenient and less smelly way of urinating around base.

My Father in Law recalls talking with John Wayne in his gun pit in 1966 when "The Duke" pointed at a pissaphone and asked "What's that?". When told he laughed and said "I gotta try that out, for sure" and then proceeded to unbutton and do just that, to much applause. Unfortunately no photos have survived of "The Duke" using a pissaphone in Vietnam.

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