The reason for light blogging yesterday

Ok, here is the reason for light blogging yesterday.

First up we all know the ex-missus took the car and house keys to Wellington with her. Then the taxi to take the kids to school took an hour to get here, then the ute wouldn’t go in reverse. Finally a mate needed someone to urgently take a Toyota Landcruiser to Whitianga….why? No idea but when a mate is in need you help out.

Soooo….Grandma Whaleoil picked the kids up and took them to the Remuera HQ’s of Whaleoil-land. I went and picked up the Landcruiser and drove to Whitianga…the GPS and Google Maps both said 2 hours 30, I proved it could be done in 1 hour 55.

At 19:15 my mate arrived from Waiheke Island via helicopter, I gave him the keys to the Landcrusier, he gave me the keys for the car he left at Ardmore, I put on the life-jacket (always a little disconcerting) and jumped in the chopper and headed back to Ardmore. A pleasant and fascinating 30 minutes later I was on the ground and heading to pick the kids up. I was home by 21:00.