Time to trade her in on two 20 year olds

The missus went to Wellington today leaving the care of the pod to me.

So I get this morning, make the kids breakfast, mke their lunches, make sure they are in uniform, hair done, teeth brushed etc, etc

So I went to get the keys….they are nowhere to be found. No-fucking-where.

I had to call a cab for the kids, I felt so South Auckland sending the kids to school in a taxi. I turn the house upsode down, still no-fucking-keys.

Guess where they are.

Not on the hook by the door where they belong. Not in any of the multitude of handbags that reside in the wardrobe, not on the desk by the computer, not in any of the fucking doors.

No, they are in Wellington with the soon to be ex missus.

Applicants for the two positions available are to send photos via email. Points can be gained for any reason whatsoever but having the Whaleoil brand either tattooed or on a wet t-shirt will definitely get you selected.