Told ya…Clark jinxed herself

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The other day I predicted that Clark would regret intoning in her deep baritone that there wasn’t a power crisis and it was all just a beat-up.

Well today Genesis Energy boss Murray Jackson told the select committee that things will be dicey this winter with power supply.

Mr Jackson said the next question to be asked of the power system was whether supply could match demand in winter.

“Yesterday’s maximum demand was 5200MW. Last winter’s maximum demand was 6900MW,” Mr Jackson said.

There was some supply to come on stream to meet the 1700MW gap, but there was still about a 1000MW gap to be filled by the hydro reserves in the South Island and then transported to the North.

“It will be a challenge.”

Oh dear, with Mike Williams opening his mouth and inserting his feet everytime, and Owen Glenn dropping cluster bombs, Winston First in disarray the last thing Clark needed was to make silly statements about there not being a crisis. She could have said that things were in hand and she thought that they would get through winter with as few problems as could be managed until capacity could be secure, but no, she said there was “NO problem”