Uh Oh! Some one is telling porkies

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The debacle of Winston First’s funding took another strange turn. Now the part treasurer says he know of no big payments from unknown sources. Now that is a very strange thing to say. Does it mean that he “knows” who the donor is?

As I said before Dail Jones is definitely lying when he says the bank couldn’t trace where his money came from. Jones though is still sticking by his story. He makes matter worse by saying;

“All you need to know from a public perception viewpoint is that in terms of complying with our public requirements, we have had what appears to me to be an anonymous donation.”

Uhmm…sorry Dail that is not all we need to know. Your party has never had a donation larger than $15,000, ever. So why all of a sudden do you get one? Also what happened to the maturing term deposits your wonderful leader told us all about as the reason for the delay in paying back the money you collectively nicked. If it appears to be an anonymous donation why is it that your leader and your treasurer seem to contradict you that it was anonymous?

Mr Catchpole, the Treasurer, seems also to cast serious doubt over Winston’s claim that there were Term deposits waiting for authority to pay back the nicked money.

But Mr Catchpole said he did not know of any large anonymous donation, though NZ First had drawn in money from a range of accounts in December to make the Starship offer.

“I don’t know what figure [Mr Jones] is talking about, but we had donations from all over the place to cover it.”

Indeed, so now we know that a single large “known” donation came in, plus donations from all over the place to “cover it”. I believe Mr Catchpole. I do not believe either Winston or Dail Jones. They are proven liars and the media must hold them to account over the various differing positions they hold on this issue, not to mention the rank hypocrisy of accepting donation of this kind in the manner they did when they were busily passing laws to prevent this kind of shenanigans.