Uhmmm….couldn't the headline have been a little more accurate

Blue Chip investors’ debts keep mounting – 16 Feb 2008 – Auckland City Council

The Herald must be employing some numpties as headline writers at the moment.

A headline that says “debts keep mounting” is a little bit silly.

If they were real “investors” they wouldn’t have mounting debts, would they? And “debts” here is made to sound bad because for these particular “investors” they are bad.

Astute investors usually don’t put their money into third tier “Finance Companies”. Fools do though and this reminds me awfully like 1987 when blue rinse nanas strode up and down Queen Street looking for the extra quarter per cent for their “investment”. They rocked into anything that ended in Corp and plonked their money down and magically, “poof”, it all disappeared, well disappeared from the investor more like but disappeared nonetheless.

We are seeing it all over again. I can’t wait to see on the TV all the mortgagee sales and the broke ex-vendors crying on the grass as their dream home is sold to the lowest bidder. Don’t think it can happen?, well I remember when there wasn’t a night on the news when a farmer wasn’t crying as his land got sold.

When that starts happening and from all accounts from my mates in the banking industry it is happening more and more then Clark will have a revolution on her hands and it’ll be her head they want on the spike at the city gates.

There is an old saying “Fools and their money are soon parted”…..what was left out was the last bit, that is the secret bit that capitalists all know and socialists haven’t a clue about. The last bit goes……”and it would be extremely intemperate of me not to part them with their money”.