What happened to the recovery?

ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll: Feb 2008 | POLITICS | NEWS | tvnz.co.nz

Just 5 days ago the leftards were calling a swing to Labour and a recovery…everyone else thought…rogue poll.

Tonight TVNZ slammed the Labourites and Clark right back to square one.

Poll Results

National 53%
Labour 34%
Greens 6%
NZ First 1.6%
Maori Party 3.3%
Act 0.9%

Preferred PM

Key 36%
Clark 27%

People are not listening to the Clarkists anymore. It is over for them. Their much heralded policies fell on deaf ears. The beat-up about taggers was ignored.

Every major poll has an oops and gets something wrong, but all the major polls have a trend and that trend is bad for Labour and bad for Clark. With the preferred PM stakes Key is pulling ahead of Clark well beyond the margin of error. Goff will be getting nervous, the Labour back-benchers who depend on a decent poll result to keep their snouts in the best trough they’ve ever had will be getting nervous and now the whispers will become sef-fulfilling. They’ll be thinking they can’t win with Helen. They have gotten used to thinking that they can’t win without her, but with their dead cat bounces in the polls over Christmas they will now squarely be focused on Can’t win with her….Who next?