Where is the consistency from the Greens?

Scoop: NZ Olympic officials must lift muzzle on athletes

Batshit crazy, raving loony Green Keith Locke is upset because athletes travelling to the Olympics have been muzzled.
[quote]”This is an affront to free speech which is guaranteed by New Zealand’s Bill of Rights and Our Olympic officials are not entitled to take that right away.[/quote]

Yes quite. I support you Keith, really I do, but I just have got to ask, why then did you vote for the Electoral Finance Act which the Human Rights Commission called a “dramatic assault on our rights”.
[quote]”This week, after a storm of protest, the British Olympic Committee chopped out a clause in its contract, that athletes ‘are not to comment on politically sensitive issues’.

“Of course, one of the most ‘politically sensitive’ issues in China is the suppression of dissent.

“Our Olympic officials should not be imitating the Chinese regime by muzzling Kiwi athletes who might be disturbed by some of what they see in China.[/quote]

Oh Keith!, I support you, I agree entirely but isn’t just a little bit rich coming from you and your party when you passed a law also suppresses dissent on politically sensitive issues.

You know I kind of pisses me off that Keith Lockes of the world care more about human rights for everyone except Kiwi’s. Is it too much to ask for some consistency from the Greens?

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