Who are the Brick Chuckers?

Who is behind People Power, the wingnuts chucking bricks through Labour and Greens electorate offices?
Idiot/Savant thinks that it is the “Kiwiblog Right” . I think he is wrong and here is why. I certainly have more evidence than he has shown for his claims and calls for National declaim the chuckers.

Two possible scenario’s exist. One is stronger than the other but someone with resources beyond mine should look at both.

Scenario 1 – Angry Dad’s Union organised

The domain name for People Power NZ is www.people-powernz.org. A Whois check shows that they are using a privacy company to hide their details. Not a bad effort but IP addresses leave trails.

One tool that is useful but not definitive is myIPneighbours.com.

A check on www.people-powernz.org shows that;
people-powernz.org has the IP address:
5 other websites are found with the IP

1) people-powernz.org
2) buggerit.co.nz
3) cyfstalk.org
4) cyfswatch.org
5) pttp-hosting.com
6) purebrednz.com

Very interesting. So People Power’s blog is hosted on the same IP address as the wingnuts from the Angry Dad’s Union and also has their name servers set to pttp-hosting.com. Pttp-Hosting .com was setup by the CYFSWatch crowd to try to hide their details. Interesting collection of Angry Dad’s and Pitbull Breeders websites all on the same IP. They say you are known by the company you keep.

I’d say that there is a better than even chance that the same wingnuts are chucking bricks through Labour and Green Offices. But are they really the “Kiwiblog Right”. I don’t think so. CYFSWatch and the brick chuckers have repeatedly been denounced by DPF so quite why idiot/Savant, Russell Brown and others continue the smear is beyond me other than for pure political gain or malice.

Scenario 2 – Green/Leftwing front group

On Waiheke Island there is a nutbar that goes by the name of Nobilangelo Ceramalus. He is a current Community Board member and interestingly has registered the domain name peoplepower.org.nz. Similar name, crazy owner..is it possible there is a connection. If there is then this scenario exposes the Green party to claims of setting up and running nothing less than a Green/left wing front group, with the sole goal to turn public opinion against legitmate protest regarding the EFA.

There are signs that this guy is a loose unit, certainly he is capable of chucking bricks, if not brickbats as he has done recently against Citizens and Ratepayers

Nobilangelo is a community board member, and failed council candidate :

He also appears to have “green” tendancies, as evidenced by is business , which specialises in what can only be described as green energy.

And it appears he likes to “rock out with his cock out” occasionally

And he’s definately no fan of National Party (or in this case C&R) supporters:

Are the rock chuckers a Green/Left front group? Well that is up to Russel Norman and Nostradamus Mentalingus to refute categorically.

So there we are, two scenarios, both plausible. One could easily a coincidence. The phrase “people power” is widely used. It’s far more plausible that CYFSWatch are behind the brick throwing.

Still with the Greens and their association with the Happy Valley campaign and the more extreme elements of the Urewera 17 it is still a possibility that this is a Green/Left front front group and they should come out with a categorical denial of any influence or collusion with the brick chuckers. If it is good enough for Idiot/Savant to call for the same from National without a shred of evidence then clearly I am well within my rights to make the same call of the Greens and the left in general. At least I have some circumstantial evidence.

UPDATE: Nobilangelo Ceramalus has contacted me and refuted all the details here. He also tells me that some other fool who apparently runs a rag of little circulation on Waiheke likes to mention this page as some sort of evidence of Nobilangelo’s nefarious activities. I’d suggest Merv you deal with the issues rather than attack the man.

“Kiwiblog Right”, I don’t think so. Nutbars, definitely.