Who to Trust?

Blog: Labour should squirm over link to ex-pat millionaire – 18 Feb 2008 – NZ Politics – Political editor Audrey Young blogs from Parliament – New Zealand Herald

Apparently Owen Glenn has recanted on the Transport Minister offer saying it was only in jest, proving that Cactus Kate was right about this dickhead.

Owen’s full statement is at The Hive, further The Hive has the following comment which I endorse.

“Sorry Owen, how have these comments been taken out of context??

Read the Electoral Finance Act – interest free loan = donation (equal to the value of the interest that would otherwise have been paid)

So the PM never talked to you about the possibility of being Minister of Transport? You lied? If you did, what else can we believe?

A pity that you have no further comments on this issue. You seem to have raised more questions than you have answered. Until you front up and answer, expect to stay a political football.”

Yes indeed football it is. There is something very smelly about this whole mess. I mean the explanations from Mike Williams, Owen Gelnn and Helen Clark are about as believable as The Sub-Standard’s denials that they were using “donated” server space, that upon being revealed was pulled quicker than a punter in a whorehouse.

  1. Labour’s position is untenable, one or all them have lied. There are yet more questions that need to be answered.
  2. Is Labour’s undue haste over the FTA with China due to policy concessions in regards to interest free loans?
  3. What else is Labour hiding?
  4. Which version is true? ?First, a spokesperson said it didn?t happen. Today, Helen Clark?s offered two more excuses: that she doesn?t remember, and if it did happen, it was a joke.?

There must be no wriggle room on this. If a discussion over dinner was so bad in 1999 then offers of Ministerial positions, Interest free loans, and Cash for Honours is not looking, as they say in the trade, too tidy, is it?