Whoopsy looks like Cullen's big plan has been tumbled

What tax cuts are you expecting? Is this just an election bribe? – 07 Feb 2008 – Your Views – Reader comments and debate on news, sport and issues – New Zealand Herald

The public knows, National knows, the only person who doesn’t know is Cullen.
[quote]Mike Graveson (Te Puke) Of course this is an election bribe! What else could Labour do to improve their chances of being re-elected for another 3 years of misery for all of NZ? They didn’t need to use their multi-billion dollar surplus as an inducement at the last election, but they sure will this time. Let’s hope all New Zealanders vote for the benefit of the country this time around, and not just for the benefit of their pockets. National are offering the long overdue tax cuts too, and at least they can be trusted to keep their word on that.

Hooky (Whangarei) Am expecting token tax cuts the first year, minimal thereafter. And anyone with half a brain knows they are just an election bribe.

Elvis (Auckland) This is precisely what John Key predicted. Tax cuts in election year, it is a disgraceful act of vote grabbing on Labour’s behalf. I only hope that the public aren’t stupid enough to fall for Cullen’s bribe.[/quote]

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