Why is Labour soft?

Labour and Clark it seems have lost their politcal barometer. Last week John Key made a speech about youth crime and provided some solutions, Labour and Clark scoffed and the public resonated with Key. The very next day Clark made a speech about education which boiled down to one idea, keeping them longr in school. The National Party smiled and the public grimaced.

What has gone wrong with Labour? They seem to gave lost any semblence of poltical nouse. In the week when the tenth Kiwi was slain in the month of January, the public are clamouring for solutions to crime and Annette King the Police and Justice Minister who was touring the street of a double shooting bizarrely said that it was the hot weather and the full moon that was the cause of all the mayhem.

Perhaps it isn't really a surprise that the public thinks Clark' labour Government is soft on crime. Is it any wonder when photo's like this of her smiling while young gang members flip gang signs. Yes the photo is old, but I bet none of us have seen it in the MSM. Some of us even missed it being mentioned in parliament, but mentioned it was and glossed over by an inept Corrections Minister.?

Well unfortunately for Clark, I have a copy of it and have placed it in my Really Truly Helen Gallery. Every time there is a crime spree or shooting, or mugging I am going to reminder her of her fondness for young thugs by posting the photo. I have even thought of making a billboard of the shot and putting it somewhere like Manurewa or Waitekere or Botany or anywhere else that crime has become the number one reason for resident NOT to vote Labour.

Labour on Waitangi day appears broken, dejected and breft of anything meaningful for New Zealand. It isn't really a surprise when the Prime Minister poses with young thugs smiling like a crocodile as they flip gang signs is it?

Labour is soft on Crime.?