An couple of interesting stories

This weekend at Mt Cook there was conference. The conference was the AA national conference held at The Hermitage. Invitees and guest speakers were Maurice Williamson, Annette King and Harry Duynhoven.

When the opening had finished it was time for the speeches. The MC got up to introduce the speakers and warmly welcomed the Hon. Maurice Williamson, former Minister of Transport and current national spokesman on Transport. Loud and prolonged clapping ensued, so long that Williamson is supposed to have been quite embarrassed by the hoopla.

Then the MC introduced current Transport Minister Annette King and Transport Safety Minister Harry Duynhoven.

Not a single clap, stunned silence, a very long pause.

I am also told that recently Shane Jones was introduced to the attendees at one of the corporate hospitality tents at Ellerslie Racecourse during Auckland Cup week and there was no response at all from the attendees who carried on eating, drinking and conversing as though noone had spoke.

The Labour Party are used to people kowtowing to them and fawning and dribbling all over their boots, that has ended, they are being carded, ignored, shunned if you will. Their time is over, it is now just a matter of time. The Labour Party has out-stayed its welcome. They are now electoral pariahs.