Annette King blames the Parliament for EFA woes

New Zealand Parliament – 5. Election Advertising?Financial Agent Authorisation

Check out this claptrap from Annette “Full Moon” King. She, in answer to every question from Bill English about their fucked up Electoral Finance Act blames it on the parliament. I kid you not.

Hon Bill English: Does the Minister believe that Government policy intended that authorisation statements on election publicity should be visible, clear, and legible; if not, why not?

Hon ANNETTE KING: The Parliament decided what would be in the Electoral Finance Act, and every party in this House needs to abide by it.


Hon Bill English: Does the Minister have some sympathy with the Green Party when it is required, like every other party, to conform with the ridiculous requirement that a financial agent has to put his or her residential address on a billboard, and does she agree that to make this billboard legal, the staff person from the Green Party has to put his or her residential address on it; why should that person have to do that, and when will she admit that her policy is stupid and impractical for?and probably dangerous to?the individuals concerned?

Hon ANNETTE KING: This Parliament decided what would make up the Electoral Finance Act. Every time this question is asked, the National Party forgets that in this House there is still a democracy, and the majority vote wins.


Hon Bill English: Why is it Government policy that every billboard, newspaper ad, TV ad, T-shirt, and balloon that is put out by any political party or third-party campaigner in election year has to include the home address of an individual New Zealander?the place where his or her partner and children live?and why did the Government believe that that is the best way to frame our election law, to put individual New Zealanders at risk by identifying their place of residence for everybody?

Hon ANNETTE KING: Yes, I am very, very sorry but I will sound like a cracked record. This Parliament decided that that is what the Act would be.


Hon Bill English: Will the Minister support an amendment to the legislation that would allow the financial agents of political parties and third parties to put an organisational or corporate address on election publicity, or will the Labour Party insist on its ridiculous and vindictive policy that anyone who wants to campaign against it has to have his or her residential address made public, while the Labour Party deliberately broke this law with the publicity it put out this year?

Hon ANNETTE KING: Of course, Mr English is well known for his selective memory. In this Chamber no less than 2 weeks ago my colleague held up the photograph of Mr Key?s DVD, which he issued this year at a fair in Auckland?[Interruption] One of his members did. There was no authorisation, no name, and no address on the DVD. So it is very good to come in here and point the finger at the Labour Party, but if the member wants to take this issue seriously instead of throwing insults around, I say to him he should put up an amendment and see what this Parliament thinks, because at the end of the day it is this Parliament that will decide.

So there we have it, the Electoral Finance Act is all Parliament’s fault. How bad is that, the governments hand picked minister to ram this law through cannot even own her own shit. At least now there is a precedent for when anything goes wrong with any law, or a law becomes un-popular, it isn’t the fault of the party in government, it is now the fault of the Parliament that voted for it!!!

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