Another Day, another email

The emails just keep flooding in about the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board.

The sacked members of the board have issued a press release.


The former board members of the Hawke?s Bay District Health Board expect the review panel?s report, due out on Monday, will be a ?whitewash?.

Based on comments made to date, both inside and outside Parliament, they suspect the report will fail to address many of the key issues and ignore evidence given in the Board members? submissions.

Comments made under Parliamentary privilege this week indicated that the final report will be radically different from the first draft.

?This whole process reeks of political interference,? the former Board members said today.

?Based on comments made by Mr Hausmann earlier today, it appears that he has been given advance notice of some of the report?s content. It now seems clear that this exercise has been nothing more than a drawn-out, pointless, whitewash,? the former Board members said.

?There seems little doubt now that the only way the public will get full disclosure and accountability on this matter is for the Auditor General to investigate. We will continue to ask him to do just that.?

The purpose of the report was to review the conflict of interest concerns surrounding Government-appointed Board member Peter Hausmann and the way in which the Board, the chief executive and senior managers handled those conflicts.

?We?ve always maintained that the conduct of Mr Hausmann, chief executive Chris Clarke and certain senior managers in managing the conflicts of interest was, and remains, unacceptable for a publicly accountable entity,? said the former Board members.

– ends –

Yes, unfortunately for Cunliffe the original draft report will be seeing the light of day on or about the same day he reaches for his bucket of whitewash.

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