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This is what happens when you lie in unison and collude to have an orchestrated litany of lies to support your less than tenuous position. The truth comes out!

Today the DomPost reveals that Annette King a HBDHB staff member who alerted her husband to rumours he was having an affair.

It is understood Ms King wrote a letter to board employee Jacqueline Parisi that made Ms Parisi feel threatened.

Ms Parisi, who had worked as the general manager of organisational development, later resigned and now lives overseas.

It is understood Ms Parisi had contacted Ms King’s husband, Ray Lind, to alert him about rumours circulating among staff that he was having an affair with a colleague.

Mr Lind, who was employed at the time as the DHB’s chief operating officer, had hand-delivered his wife’s letter to DHB chief executive Chris Clarke to give to Ms Parisi in early 2005.

King of course is denying it existed despite ex Board Chairman saying that CEO Chris Clarke had shown it to him.

When questioned about the letter yesterday, she refused to confirm it existed, claiming the suggestion was part of a “dirty tricks” campaign. Ms King said “a search of our database shows that no such ministerial letter exists”.

“I predicted last week that a dirty tricks campaign would be launched against my husband and myself. Are you part of it?” she said in an e-mail.

Asked directly if she had written any type of letter to Ms Parisi, Ms King ignored the question, saying: “I am not prepared to continue with a charade in which you engage on a course of muck-raking under the guise of journalism – just as was predicted by me last week.”

That answer is just too cute, of course the search of the database shows that no such ministerial letter exists, does she think we are stupid. It wouldn’t have been an official letter, more like a vindictive personal note that wouldn’t have been logged at all. Just too cute by half. Note she also uses the usual Labour Party line that the journo’s are just muckraking.

Labour are under siege here, make no mistake about it. They are feeling the heat. It is simply unbelievable that a Minister of the Crown would try to bully a worker. On the other hand this is now the level of behaviour that Labour has dragged us into.

At least King’s husband hasn’t turned into a woman….oh wait!