Audrey rubbishs Labour, EPMU spin

NZ Herald Blogs Corrections, retractions and rubbish

Audrey Young add some clarity to the rather pathetic attack by Labour and the EPMU as well as their client-blogs on John Key.

There is a certain amount of rubbish being pedalled by the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union about the Herald’s involvement in the saga over whether or not John Key told the Bay Report in Northland he wanted wages to drop.

National secretary Andrew Little is entitled to ask questions but they should be based on facts.

Amid many questions in a press statement today headed “Has National muzzled the press?” he asks why the Herald is publishing a “correction” ahead of a Bay Report “correction” on the story.

That is false.

Whoopsy there goes The Stranded’s attack, popped like the air-filled balloon the accusation always was. Then she gets into labour for worse behaviour with the Broadcasting Minister at the time Steve Maharey actually breaking the law by remonstrating with the Chief Executive of Radio New Zealand.

There wouldn’t be a journalist or news outlet in the country that has not been lobbied by politicians about a story they have taken exception to. Labour does it too.

I have it on very good authority that Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey rang the chief executive of Radio New Zealand (yes, management) last year because he was so pissed off at an interview conducted by Sean Plunket.

But then again Labour Ministers actually breaking the law is kind of usual behaviour thee behaviour and hardly causes a ripple. A bigger scandal would be a Labour minister acting ethically for a change.