Bad case of sour Gapes

Whaleoil has been following with minor amusement the story of plutey Remuera’s battle with a developer (Tony Gapes of Redwood) over the so- called “East Germany by the Sea”. This is about the construction of several hundred apartments at the end of Orakei Rd on coastal land.

I see in the Herald this morning that the community, Mayor Banks and local councillors like Aaron Bhatnagar have been vindicated over their tough stand against the developer, and the consent application for one of Mr Gapes has been declined by the independent hearing commissioners, after 500 plus submitters opposed the apartments proposal.

Now it seems that despite promising a negotiated outcome for the area regardless of the consent outcome, Mr Gapes intends to box on with his
plans to get his consent via appealing to the Environment Court. Apparently, the decision of the independent hearings people has been
“politically motivated”.

Sounds like a bad case of sour Gapes to me!

Of course the local politicians are motivated to stand up to what they think is a bad idea in their neighbourhood. I’d expect no less from the local C&R team to stand up for the property rights of local residents who are horrified at the thought of their views being blocked and their local streets being congested by all the extra cars the development threatened. Perhaps Gapes is just grumpy that he doesn’t have a bunch of compliant socialist hacks who like the thought of boxy apartments dotting the coastline, and the development fees they’d get to spend on seances and Congo phonecalls.

A word to the developer – You might have thought that the last Mayor and council, (that’s Big Ears and his band of Noddies) were push-overs
and easy to bamboozle. I wouldn’t try taking on the current Mayor and Council – I know they’re a lot tougher. Why don’t you try working with
them instead, as you appeared to promise around one week ago.