Brewer's Party

I have been out at the un-official Mayor of Newmarket’s birthday bash. Cameron Brewer is 35 and he held a 70’s theme party at Mecca in Newmarket.

There was a veritable who’s who of the glitterati there. Mayor John Banks, Cr Aaron Bhatnagar, The Gluc, The Toaster, Miss Taranaki 1973, Miss Wales 1973, Miss Wairarapa-Bush 1973, Miss South Taranaki 1973, his Mum and Dad of course me and Spanish Bride.

Fantastic fun all round especially the beauty pageant which Miss Wairarapa-Bush won.

There are of course fantastic photos coming, so for those who do ot wish to be published in all their 70’s glory please make cheques payable to Whale Oil Beef Hooked. (Cr. Bhatnagar, special charging applies for your photos…yes we’ve got them and we are about to publish)

Strangely Charles Ashe MP never fronted even though he was invited.

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