But how can that be?

Beneficiary debt hits new high – 23 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Beneficiary debt is at an all time high. Latest figures reveal beneficiary debt now totals more than $763 million.

But how can that be? Unemployment is the lowest in the OECD apparently. We are better off under Labour, supposedly. Yet the beneficiary debt is growing and growing and growing. Something is awry.

In September 2007 the then minister Ruth Dyson answered that the current 178,496 Work and Income clients have debts that they owe, and that the total owing is $324.8 million ($1819 each)

Are we to believe that beneficiary debt has doubled in 6 months?

I wonder perhaps if those that can work but have been exported to Australia have bolted leaving their beneficiary debt behind?

I wonder if the figures presented to an incredulous public are actually right?

If beneficiary numbers are down then why are their more staff at the Ministry of Social Development?

So according to the figures and let’s be generous and say in 6 months total beneficiary numbers have fallen by 20%. I don’t know what they have fallen by, but let’s use 20%, meaning a total number of 142,797 beneficiaries owing $763 million or $5343 each!! So the total amount has doubled but the amount owed by each is nearly 3 times higher!

What on earth is happening?

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