City Vision numpties can't lie straight in bed

Auckland Blog: City Vision double standards on water

Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar has again exposed the numpties from CityVision for their hypocrisy.

What double standards and nonsense, coming from the leader of the team who oversaw massive water price hikes when he was in charge. Northey promoted a convention centre when he was in charge of the Economic Development committee on the last council. On the matter of Eden Park stadium funding, Northey has also been caught out in another whoopsie -he also was in favour of putting money into Eden Park (something the new Banks and C&R Council have said no to, though we’ll support Kingsland precinct and other improvements around Auckland in time for RWC2011)

Here are some facts:

– Rates rises are HALF that which City Vision/Labour/Action Hobson delivered and were promising in the last term.
– Water price rises are ALMOST HALF that of CV/Lab/AH, being 5.1% instead of 9.3%
– Charging for water HELPS offset rates for householders, because its the only way we get contributions from non-ratepayers like Ports of Auckland, the Universities, polytechs, fire stations, schools and hospitals. None of these organisations pay rates, but they do pay for water. A decrease in water prices hurts homeowners.
– If water is a basic human right and should be provided at minimum cost, why did he allow the massive water hikes in the previous City Vision term?
– Scrapping water price rises would put an additional 6.6% on every rates bill – so instead of paying 5.1% more for rates and 5.1% more for water, you’d get a massive 11.7% hike for property rates. And of course, that means a comparative free ride for the Ports of Auckland, hospitals etc etc. And naturally, if City Vision still controlled Auckland City, your rates rises would be higher yet – probably around 16% in total to fund their politically correct and pork-barrelled agenda