Clark's Labour continues to flout election laws

Helen Clark’s Labour continues to flout election laws. This clip contains video from last nights 3 News and shows Helen Clark accepting cash from a supporter and also speaking in from of rather large signs that encourage people to Vote Labour.

Quite apart from her daggy dancing it is illegal for those signs to be up without authorisation from wither the party’s of the local candidate’s financial agent. The evidence is there for all to see that Labour continues to contravene the laws that they passed.

I hope that the donation/bribe given to Clark has been noted in the interests of transparency. I know for sure that many National MP’s do not handle donations and just recently in the house Labour made a big song and dance over accepting cash and signing up members. It is for exactly the reason shown by Pete Hodgson that they do not accept such donations. Now we have the Prime Minister of New Zealand handling cash from supporters.