Conflicts of Interest

An interesting couple of emails arrived today. The first contained minutes of a Capital and Coast DHB board meeting of 4 April 2007. Along with that is the Declarations of Conflict from November 2007 and March 2008. There are some significant differences in those documents.

Minute item 7255 makes for some interesting reading in light of Ken Douglas’ vehement attacks on HBDHB, his “forcing” of the investigation panel to change the report and his insistence on not one but two meetings with the investigation panel.

A letter from Ken Douglas was tabled providing a more detailed account of his involvement in Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings Limited as a Non Executive Director. The letter was filed with the correspondence.

The Chair advised that following the Auckland DHB?s court decision she had indicated that the board would review its Conflicts of Interest policy. All Board, DSAC and CPHAC have a routine ?Conflicts of Interest? item on their agenda. The Conflict of Interest policy is in the C&C DHB Governance Handbook for Board and Committee members. All Board and Committee members are aware of their obligations to declare any possible conflicts of interest. From now on HAC will have this as standing agenda item also.

The Minister has ordered the Auditor General to carry out a special review of interest matters with regard to DHBs.

Very interesting that minute. In February 2005 Ken Douglas had no declarations of conflict of interest and just two short months later now all of a sudden has conflicts. The following month his partner is working at Healthcare NZ and then in March 2007 as per the minute above Mr Douglas provides additional information about Healthcare NZ.

Now the questions.
Why was a more detailed account necessary?
If it was inadequate, why wasn’t the Capital and Coast District Health Board sacked back in April last year?
If ubn-declared conflicts were the reason to sack the board then why hasn’t CCDHB suffered the same fate as HBDHB?

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