Diversity where it counts

Auckland Blog: Ethnically diverse politicians at Auckland City

Cr Aaron Bhatnagar consistently shows the left in Auckland Local Body Politics just how different life is when you aren’t wearing pinko tinted glasses. Once again he shows up CityVision’s hypocrisy and shallowness, this time over diversity.

Cr Cathy Casey one of the palest councillors one could meet is railing against the Banks led council accusing them of being anti-diversity. Aaron helpfully points out that The C&R team has one Indian (half, him) and a Samoan councillor (Sam Lotu-Iiga) as well as two female Chinese community board members, and Hinu Te Hou (another Community Board member) is maori. Contrast that with CityVision the very picture of WASP with only one Chinese Community Board member and the word is she may not be a CV member soon anyway.

So, what do we have? An ethnically diverse fair minded C&R or a nasty spiteful CityVision that is almost entirely made up of whining, pommy, socialists. If that is CityVision’s view of diversity then I don’t want a part of it.

UPDATE: Virginia Chong has in fact left CityVision so there goes their last hope for credibility on diversity.

UPDATE 2: Aaron has put up some photos for you to compare and contrast C&R vs. CityVision-less.