Finally TVNZ covers the HBDHB

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Finally TVNZ cover the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board scandal. Unfortunately fro King, Hausmann and Lind the reportage wasn’t helpful and in distinct contrast to Hausmann’s and Ken Douglas’ crowing about exoneration. I for one would like to see the TWO draft reports because if this report is an exoneration I shudder to think what the other two look like.

The whole saga began with concerns board member Peter Hausmann was too heavily involved in preparing a contract possibly worth up to $50 million, while knowing that Healthcare New Zealand, the private company he also runs, was frontrunner to win it.

A DHB worker blew the whistle when she discovered some emails, confiding in then acting CEO Ray Lind, the husband of former health minister Annette King.

That later raised eyebrows because Hausmann was appointed to the board by King whose husband has now left the DHB and works for Hausmann.

The report avoided dealing with the politics of that but slammed Hausmann’s failure to fully reveal his involvement which it described as “unusual”.

And Hausmann wasn’t alone. Fellow board member Peter Dunkerly is also criticised for taking part in discussions about pharmaceutical contracts while failing to adequately reveal his extensive shareholding in pharmaceutical companies.

Some are more concerned about what has been left out of the report, with claims a first draft much tougher on Hausmann has been watered down.

The only way the stench of corruption can be expunged is a full Commission of Inquiry.

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