Good light-hearted interview with Banksie

Hewitson: Banks doing the right thing, right on time – 15 Mar 2008 – Local government news – NZ Herald

Michele Hewitson has a lighthearted interview with Banksie about his “transmogrification”.

In a way it captures Banksie and few of his endearing eccentricities superbly. Good on Michele for putting in Banksies little stab as well.

“I was just reflecting this morning while walking up my favourite piece of real estate in this great city, Mt Hobson on the northern slopes of Remuera overlooking our magnificent harbour, that this meeting with you reminds me of the advice I was given when I was a very young member of Parliament: nine times out of 10 it doesn’t happen and when it does it’s only half as bad, and on that basis I’ve consented to this meeting with you this morning, Michele.”

heh! Banskie is good man and a good laugh when you get to know him.

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