HBDHB scandal simmers on

Ryall reveals parts of suppressed DHB report – 14 Mar 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

Like a train wreck in slow motion, watching David Cunliffe die a death of a thousand cuts in the house is excruciating.

National have systematically and progressively let the Minister slowly dig his own grave. His answers over the last few weeks will haunt him as the truth slowly leaks out.

Yesterday in the house, Tony Ryall read from the Interim Report, letting everyone know that he has a copy and that the copy will be compared to the white wash report that will be released on Monday. Cunliffe has tried to be clever by reiterating over and over and over again that he hasn’t seen the whitewash report, his denials are as believable as a drunk telling his missus he wasn’t at the pub.

Hausmann has finally broken his silence;

Mr Hausmann said he had faced “inaccurate, incorrect and unsubstantiated criticism” relating to his role on the board.

He said he was confident the review panel’s final report would vindicate him and clearly explain his position.

Mr Hausmann said that when he was appointed to the board he was “horrified” to find it was “not a professional operation at all”.

“Instead, it was a place where some board members were behaving poorly towards very competent management and medical staff.”

Yes, I bet he is confident, what with employing the husband of the Minister who appointed him and Cunliffe running interference, i would say he is very confident the report will exonerate him. As to being “horrified” to find it was “not a professional operation at all”, I bet the board was similarly horrified that he essentially wrote the RFP and the Board paper recommending that his own company be awarded the tender, all in apparent collusion with the CEO, all very cozy indeed.

It is now only a matter of time before some blogger releases wat the media won’t print and compares the draft report with the final report to show Labour what a bunch of manipulating crooks they are in trying to protect their cronies.