Helen Clark is now a lawyer!!

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Helen Clark, normally known for her painting prowess is now all of a sudden an expert in commercial law.

Prime Minister Helen Clark says she did not breach the law when she commented about the bid by Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board for partial ownership of Auckland International Airport.

Ministers refused to comment today on the deal, saying the application to approve the bid under foreign investment laws was being considered by two of their colleagues.

National Party leader John Key said Miss Clark’s silence today was in contrast to last week.

“Why did she comment last week and potentially influence the decision?” Mr Key asked Parliament

Miss Clark last week said she had no personal enthusiasm for such a strategic asset coming under foreign control and she told MPs today that was her general view and not a detailed comment on any individual bid.

Mr Key claimed the prime minister’s office had received advice she had breached security laws with her comments.

This isn’t the first time she has done this and one would have thought that she had learned from that little debacle of destroying shareholder wealth when she commented that Mum’s and Dad’s should hold on to their Air New Zealand shares.

Bizarrely to, Clark also claims that a 40% stake is now a controlling interest in Auckland International Airport when previously Dubai Aerospace had wanted to bid for much more than that they did nothing.

It is disingenuous for Clark to claim that somehow she didn’t break the law because the view she gave was her personal one and not the Prime Minister’s view. Yeah, that’ll hold water in court. Of course it will never make it to court because that is one place that with the exception of Trevor Mallard, Labour Ministers never seem to end up when they break the law.