Helen No-mates is running out of the few she had

Teacher’s Union rejects Government’s $700m innovation plan (+ video) – 11 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Oh dear, oh dear, Cullen’s coup must be just days away when the vaunted Teachers Union slams one of your pet election year bribes.

The Post-Primary Teacher’s Union has slammed the Government’s multi-million dollar investment into scientific research, labelling it as money poured in the wrong end.

The Government is making what it says is the largest ever boost to research, development and innovation funding with $700 million to help the pastoral and food industries.

But PPTA president Robin Duff said there are critical shortages in science, maths and technology teachers in secondary schools.

“Where will these innovative scientists come from if there is no one there to teach them?” he said.

He said wages in specialist fields would need to be increased by $10,000 to attract people into teaching.

“On top of the current shortage, we understand that no physics teachers have been trained in Auckland for the last two years,” Mr Duff said.

When your mates desert you it is watch out for knives at dawn on the way to the forum. The destruction when helen goes down will be something to behold.

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