Ho no!

Eliot Spitzer was client of another call-girl ring – 29 Mar 2008 – news.com.au

DISGRACED former New York governor Eliot Spitzer has been identified as a long-standing client of a second high-priced callgirl ring.

The ex-governor regularly patronised Wicked Models, a Manhattan-based operation taken down on Tuesday, according to financial documents and other evidence unearthed in a year-long prostitution investigation, law-enforcement sources said.

The revelation comes three weeks after Mr Spitzer was outed as “Client-9” in a separate federal prostitution probe involving the New Jersey-based Emperors Club VIP. The scandal forced his resignation.

At the centre of the new ring is Kristin “Billie” Davis, a busty bottle blonde who hails from a rough and tumble California trailer park. She has a reputation for hard partying, shameless self-promotion and a rumoured 10,000-name client list.

Davis’ alleged multi-million-dollar empire was smashed by city vice police as she made plans to skip town. Prosecutors say she netted some $2 million last year by pimping out ladies of the night for as much as $1000 an hour through four websites.

So the Spitzer sex scandal drags on, scandals involving prostitution rings and politicians will always get huge coverage.

I’ve been hearing rumors that a Fairfax journalist is sitting on a story involving a Labour party figure, potentially a confirmed candidate, and similarly high class hookers. WOBH is above posting tittle-tattle but it will be interesting to see if anything comes out of this.