Hypocrisy alert

New Zealand Parliament – 4. Hawke?s Bay District Health Board?Conflicts of Interest

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Madam Speaker, we are in great danger here, if you are to accede to Mr English?s request, of so restraining the rights of members of Parliament as to in fact end up with an abuse of our rights, which we have had since 1688. Just because Mr English is sensitive about some things, that is no reason for you to tighten the Standing Orders. But, more important, Mr Ryall has been invited countless times to go outside this House and say what he has said here. The fact that he does not do so might add some substance as to whether we should believe him.

There we have Winston Peters the great defender of MP’s rights since 1688, yet he was the leader of the party that dramatically and vindictively curtailed the right of ordinary citizens to freedom of speech. Oh that Winston would stand up for rights of ordinary New Zealanders rather than the rights of a bunch of cossetted quasi-intellectuals pontificating on my dime.