Jordan needs help

Jordan Carter ? Welcome

The blogger that first earned the now patented Whaleoil description of Labour flunkies, “lickspittle”, has launched his campaign website. On it he calls for help for the campaign.

This website is the online home of my campaign to take Labour?s message out to this beautiful rural part of the Auckland region.

That message is of the huge changes New Zealand still faces in becoming the best place it can be, of the great foundations Labour has laid in government, and why the changes we all seek as Kiwis are changes only Labour can deliver.

If you want to know anything about the campaign or to volunteer your feedback or opinions, feel free to send me a message: [email protected]

Fantastic Jordan, you think that Hunua is a “beautiful rural part of the Auckland Region”, but I bet you can’t even see any part of the electorate from your swanky apartment in Federal Street. Why if you are standing in Hunua are you living in the central city, in fact in Auckland Central electorate, 17.32 kilometres as the crow flies or 22.1km’s drving from the closest boundary of Hunua electorate and at least 30 minutes by car in non-peak hours. If you try to leave your apartment anytime after 4pm on a workday to drive to Hunua it will take you over an hour.

I also question why the party would parachute in a gay, Wellington based flunkie and party apparatchik into rural and conservative Hunua electorate?

Anyway, here in Auckland we welcome Jordan, he joins the “Axis of Weasel” that WOBH will be keeping an eye on this election. Kate Sutton in Epsom, Brendan Sheehan in Botany and now Jordan Carter in Hunua.

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