Know your endorsers

While Hillary Clinton can claim the endorsement of paedophile associate and moobster extraordinaire Jack Nicholson, Obama can now boast the endorsement of Egyptian hate spewer Shaban Abdel Raheem

Raheem’s bizzare lyrics include:

Soon he (Bush) will say Iran, then he will say Syria,
But he is silent about [North] Korea.
About that [Twin] Tower, oh people
Definitely! His friends [Israel] were the ones who brought it down.
What terrorism!! [Visual shows Sharon pushing the button]
How many years are left.
For America and Israel acting as bullies

Hey Arab Leaders, Shaban Abdel Raheem

Other songs include “I hate Israel”, “Hey people it was only a tower” and another praising Osama Bin Laden. I don’t mean to suggest Obama endorses this guy’s views but there has got to be something about him that attracts terrorist sympathising, anti-Isral bigots like Louis Farrakhan, Samantha Power, Jeremiah Wright and now Shaban Abdel Raheem.