Know your Weasel – slippery Kate Sutton

The furore over Labour’s Epsom candidate slippery Kate Sutton previous comments continues to grow. Another anonymous source within the Labour party with previous links to AUSA sent me this release this morning.

AUSA irate at Government?s betrayal of students

Kate Sutton [said the 2003 budget] ?may well rival some of the excesses of National Party in its heyday.?

?… the Government [has hammered] students … with massive cost increases? Ms Sutton continued angrily.

While students at the University of Auckland will be hard hit by this initiative, Ms Sutton also expressed concern and outrage for the impact this is likely to have on students in the nations other tertiary providers, whose fees have mostly been traditionally lower than in Auckland, and who will be hit even harder.

So an ‘irate’ slippery Kate blasted the Government as being virtually no different to National in the 90’s in a press release oozing anger. Now she wants to be a Member of Parliament and serve in a Government she has spent years slagging off. Why is this clown even a candidate for Labour? It’s a question a lot of people in the local party are asking.

I’m inclined to suggest it’s because slippery Kate is nothing but a two-bit, wannabe career politician who will whore out her ideals to anyone. When she’s talking to students she’s a firebrand leftist, when she’s out in Epsom she presents herself as a moderate who toes the party line. She will say anything, to anyone if she thinks it will advance her political ambitions. Labour can do better than the slippery Kate Slutton.