Labour candidate: Democracy dead

I’m disappointed guys. The post soliciting guesses of the confirmed Labour candidate who in 2004 claimed democracy in New Zealand was dead didn’t attract any good guesses. It was none other than the big-mouthed, stupid fat white woman Kate “pakeha vote for white candidates with names they can pronounce” Sutton.

Labour not listening democracy is dead

Kate Sutton… agrees. She believes that the Government should shape up or ship out. ?Students are the only section of society who are forced to borrow to live, they need a living allowance, something which the government has failed to deliver on we are here to tell the government enough is enough.?

For months WOBH has been telling you that democracy is under attack in New Zealand. It turns out that a confirmed Labour party candidate agrees and goes one step further. In the world of Kate Sutton, democracy is dead, enough is enough and this Government must shape up or ship out. Hear, hear!

This story has a more serious undertone. The source who delivered this to me is a well-known Labour activist in Auckland. It seems all is not well in the Epsom LEC, many are unhappy with having Sutton – an inexperienced, career politician linked to the outrageous rorts at Princes Street Labour – forced on them by head office and are actively working against her. One senior Labour activist described Sutton as from the “Axis of Weasel”. Nasty.

More will come on the fractious faction action of the Epsom Labour Party as we hear it.