Labour "competitive" – Clark

Labour ‘will not cruise to defeat’ – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Helen Clark reckons Labour would be very competitive and that people aren’t thinking about an election right now. She is wrong. People are thinking of an election right now and they are thinking of a new government.

She, however, is dead right that Labour “will not cruise to defeat”. They won’t cruise they will tailspin out of control and plummet like the proverbial stone.

Week after week they are being cut to death with scandal after scandal. Just today there is an urgent debate in the house over the shenanigans at HBDHB. It’s been a week since Owen Glenn piped up, here must be a new revelation coming from his mouth any day now. The Public Service is leaking like a sieve, cabbies are talking, the economy is tanking, scandals are daily and people are over Helen Clark and her cult of personality.