Labour releases Northern Region list

Helen Clark has been rabbiting on about fresh blood and it appears Labour has plenty. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s spilt all over the floor of the regional list ranking committee. All of Labour’s incumbent MPs have gobbled up list positions leaving the “fresh blood” out in the cold.

1. Helen Clark*
2. Phil Goff*
3. Chris Carter*
4. David Cunliffe*
5. Shane Jones*
6. Judith Tizard*
7. Mark Gosche*
8. Lynne Pillay*
9. Ashraf Choudhary*
10. Darien Fenton*
11. Dave Hereora*
12. Louisa Wall*
13. Sua William Sio
14. Raymond Huo
15. Phil Twyford
16. Hamish McCracken
17. Carmel Sepulone
18. Kelvin Davis
19. Michael Wood
20. Kate Sutton

It seems the only member of the old guard who got it a bit rough was Hamish McCracken, the man who is rapidly becoming the John Turmel of New Zealand politics. After being slapped silly by Murray McCully(!) 3 times, McCracken has moved south to contest Northcote. Despite being on his fourth run for Parliament, it looks like McCracken will lose out again.