Labour stacks review panel

Bolger to help select next commisioner – 28 Mar 2008 – Politics: New Zealand news

Former Prime Minister Jim Bolger will help select the next State Services Commissioner in an apparent bid to head off Opposition criticism of the appointment process.

National’s state services spokesman Gerry Brownlee last month wrote to the Government asking for the party to be involved in the appointment process in order to preserve political neutrality.

But he was rebuffed by State Services Minister David Parker who said the Government would follow convention and not consult with other political parties.

What a joke. It would be like a National Government appointing Michael Bassett to represent Labour on an “independent panel”. All Fr. Jim is concerned about is Jim, Jim and Jim.

He’s a turncoat wankstain who turned his back on the party that made him because caucus had the guts to tell him he was useless as tits on a bull. I’d rather see Mike Williams appointed to the panel as a representative of the National party than this hasbeen lickspittle.