Labour's Health Crisis expands

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Labour’s continued ineptitude in the Health portfolio is being revealed daily.

Two more health boards are just one step away from ministerial intervention, Health Ministry data shows.

Health Minister David Cunliffe has stamped his mark on the health sector in the past three months, replacing the Hawke’s Bay’s District Health Board with a commissioner and installing a new chairman and crown monitor at Capital and Coast DHB.

His moves were prompted by ballooning deficits and in the case of Hawke’s Bay, a breakdown in relations between board members and between the board and management.

But a list of the monitoring status of the country’s other 19 health boards show two more are under the ministry’s “intensive monitoring” regime – one step away from direct intervention.

They are the Whanganui and Southland boards.

Something systemic must be wrong with the model that Labour foisted upon the public because so many Health Boards are under the hammer.

There are plenty of other examples just waiting for the light of day. This is going to be a long, long year for Labour this year.

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