Labour's policies creating slum conditions

Rocketing costs force crowding in homes – 27 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Overcrowding is on the rise again in Auckland as sky-high housing costs force families to double up or live in garages to make ends meet.

An analysis by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has found that the region’s population grew 12.4 per cent in the five years up to the 2006 Census, but the number of homes grew by only 11.2 per cent.

The result was a shortfall of 4202 homes compared with the number that would have been needed to keep the average 2001 ratio of 2.6 people in each home.

And the problem is worst in Labour’s heartland, Manukau, which makes up half of the total shortfall.

Labour can’t spin these figures either as they come out of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Salvation Army social worker Esteban Espinoza said rents for three-bedroom houses in Manurewa were now running at $400 to $450 a week.

“It’s just become a pretty sad joke, the amount of people unable to pay their rentals, even with all the subsidies – especially if they have children,” he said.

“We keep coming across overcrowded housing that is the signal of people trying to stay off rentals. They have to think of at least $1500 to be able to move into a place.”

I’ll tell you what the pretty sad joke is, these folk vote Labour and all the lickspittle Labour client-blogs out there keep telling us how much better off we all are under Labour. Problem is almost without exception they are white, government or union flunkies living in Wellington. They have never been to South Auckland except to speed through it after landing at the airport, rushing to some useless conference in the city.

The people in South Auckland, after eight years of Labour, are not better off. They still live in the same shitty houses, in the same shitty suburbs, with the same shitty neighbours, with their kids going to the same shitty schools. Nothing has changed for these folk one bit. Labour has abandoned them after taking them for granted.

Affordable Housing is a cruel hoax for these people.

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