Manukau City to fly protest flag

Maori flags to fly at Manukau council – 28 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Cr Jami-Lee Ross has unfortunately failed to halt the flying of the Maori Protest flag at the Manukau City Council. Predictibly the knee-jerk socialists and racist at the council actually had the temerity to call Cr Ross a racist.

“I don’t believe the council needs a flag policy,” he said.

“The council should focus its attention on its scheduled policy programme and deal with real issues such as crime and infrastructure” – issues which he said his constituents were more worried about.

He said if Maori expected their flags flown, each of Manukau’s 185 ethnic communities would want to do the same thing.

“We need to keep it very simple and just fly the New Zealand flag because it represents everyone in Manukau City.”

Unfortunately for them they failed to get to know Cr Ross otherwise they would have known that he is in fact Maori. He just wants flags to fly that actually represent countries rather than ethnicities. Now the council has opened itself up to every ethnicity in the Council area demanding equal treatment.

If I was of a mind I would line up some Palestinians, some Tamils and some Aborigines to demand their protest flags be flown. That basically is what the the City Council has endorsed. I expect they will soon be on fact finding missions to meet Hamas and the Tamil Tigers.

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