More Health woes for Labour

‘Cronies first, patients second’ – Auckland news on

Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman is calling for the government to get tough on the Waitemata District Health Board.

He has used Parliament?s question time to accuse Labour Health Minister David Cunliffe of double standards in his dealings with the board.

Questions focused on why Mr Cunliffe has sacked Hawkes Bay?s board but left Waitemata?s untouched.

One question raised allegations North Shore Hospital?s corridor spaces will be numbered and listed as beds “like in some sort of makeshift refugee camp”.

Another implied the reason for the alleged leniency is cronyism between Mr Cunliffe and Waitemata board members.

As time goes on Cunliffe’s decision to sack the board to protect his colleagues and cronies is going to be seen for what it is, blatant feather-bedding in the health sector.