Petition calls for airport to downtown train – 12 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

I listened to this plonker on the wireless today talking with Leighton Smith. He failed to answer any questions put to him, including the one about Sydney with 4 times the population New Zealand being unable to make their Airport line make any money. I seem to remember Owen McShane writing about this once somewhere. He had done the research and there was no way, ever, that it would be cost effective.

He completely misses the point that there are no, and not likely to ever be any tracks even remotely near to the Airport. he was also commenting that they could run Puhinui Ave in Papatoetoe, of course forgetting that several thousand people would have to move their houses and themselves.

I live in Howick, how would I take a train anywhere let alone to the airport?

Why must we persist in trying to build 19th century infrastructure?

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