Now this is interesting

Register as a Campaign Activist for Election 2008

Sign me up as an EPMU activist for the 2008 election!

Yet, we know that the EPMU have direct representation “at all levels in the party, at electorate committees, at some of the national committees, on the New Zealand Council” (don’t deny it Andrew Little said exactly that).

Are they signing people up to campaign for Labour, and are the EPMU breaking any laws doing this?

Oh, and check this out.

From where I am sitting, of the 3 pages, 1 and half are a direct attack on National and John Key. If I was the EPMU I would be putting authorisation statements on these. It is my belief that they do not comply with the EFA. Of course they could argue that it is a members newsletter, but then it is also freely available via the internet thus is actually being broadcast. As it advocates against National and John Key it could very easily be construed as an Election Advertisement. If they posted this out to all their members then the costs associated with that will have to be included. If the EPMU is adjudicated as not being eleigible as a Third Party under the very law they supported then this newsletter just made them break the limits they are allowed. (46,000 x $0.45 plus envelope and paper costs = $20,700 plus)

Now they can’t really claim that they are not campaigning when on their site they have a form to fill in to be signed up to be an activist.

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