Oh dear, the voters in Hunua will love this

Just Left: Power woes in Auckland

Jordan is looking forward to campaigning against Sir Roger Douglas. I think his troubles are just a little more serious than that.

Apart from living some 22.1 km’s from the nearest boundary of his chosen electorate his blog provides some interesting insights as to what he thinks of the people in this electorate.

It’s pretty amazing, when you think about it a bit, that a city of 1.3m people should have one major power sub-station controlling its major energy needs. How the Auckland network operators could not foresee this as a risk and manage it in appropriate fashion is beyond me, and is very disturbing.

Beyond that, it’s even more disturbing that that same city of 1.3m should have crucial aspects of its energy supply held to ransom by a few hundred Waikato farmers. I simply do not think that the financial and aesthetic interests of wealthy land owners should override the legitimate energy needs of a third of the country’s population.

The government should do whatever it takes to ensure security of supply for major centres – both in a transmission sense and in a generating sense. And if that requires law changes, major public investment, focused energy conversation measures or a mixture of all three, then so be it.

Essentially just two short years ago he was telling the members of the Hunua electorate to HTFU, tough and so be it. I’ll enjoy watching him explain that one at the meet the candidates meetings.