Oh HTFU, it was a joke

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Sheesh it was a joke man, HTFU. Aren’t just getting all cringy, namby-pamby, politically correct.

Whakamaru?Whakatane?Whakamoa?The play on words is obvious. But is it acceptable?

The Maori Language Commission has objected to a billboard at Auckland’s Parnell Rise, claiming it is highly offensive in its use of the Maori language.

The billboard advertises Ace Rental Cars, who say it was meant to be a bit of harmless fun.

But Huhana Rokx from the Maori Language Commission says: ?The presence of the billboard actually demeans me as a member of the Maori race. It demeans the Maori race, it demeans the Maori language. And I believe overall, New Zealand is demeaned as a result of this action.?

I reckon her surname is demeaning to the English language. Get over yourself fool.

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