Plug-head a bully – Dunne

Peter Dunne labels Clayton Cosgrove a ‘bully’ | POLITICS | NEWS |

Ructions and upset are besetting the government, this time it is Plug-head that has caused the upset. He has been accused of being a bully-boy in his kneejerk over-reaction to the real estate industry.

Peter Dunne says that UnitedFuture will withdraw its support for the legislation, unless major changes are made.

He is accusing Clayton Cosgrove of maintaining a belligerent attitude toward the institute, and of not listening to concerns of industry leaders.

Yes, indeed, several well connected people tell me that Plug-head has a personal vendetta with real estate agents. One wonders whether the Minister is more than a little conflicted by trying to ram through these draconian measures, while the reasons supporting the introduction of the bill don’t have any substance in either fact or anecdote.

A little more investigation as to Plug-heads pathological hatred of real estate agents wouldn’t go amiss, nor would any evidence to suggest that the Minister is indeed on a personal vendetta.