Random Impertinent Questions

  1. Don’t you think Labour were clever to shore up the Maori Lesbian vote?
  2. Is it true, that Phil Goff was seen at the new Bunnings, in the barbeque section?
  3. Why does he spend so much time talking about the number 25?
  4. “But Mr Cullen said a 40 per cent stake would effectively deliver the Canadian Pension Plan control over the airport.” – Does the Minister of Finance need a remedial math class?
  5. Is Cunliffe really running the show?
  6. Why does ACT think that another speech from Roger Douglas on the eighties glory days will win votes?
  7. Actually, will ACT ever have a conference that doesn’t reference the Eighties?
  8. Just who is “Whispering Death”?
  9. Which Minister?s former husband is now a woman?