Riddle me this?

Who is right?

Clark who says the economy is holding up pretty well? or;
Cullen who says a recession can’t be ruled out?

Can’t be both, which is it? Cullen or Clark?

I pick Cullen, he knows what is happening on the ground and it ain’t pretty, he already knows we are in looking at negative growth figures from the last quarter and this quarters figures are worse. Cullen will use this to increase the tension between him and Clark as he bides his time for her to go overseas. Then the knives will come out.

Riddle me this?

How is that Fijian Scouts, Netballers and other sports people have sanctions against them by New Zealand and Clark? and;
We are allowing athletes to travel to one of the worst countries in the world in respect to human rights for the Olympics?

How can that be? No one died in the Fiji coup, the guns weren’t even loaded, the populace are still walking around un-molested and some corrupt politicians got turfed out on their arse, meanwhile in the “Chinese Province of Tibet” hundreds, but probably thousands of Tibets who were forcibly annexed in 1951 have been killed and the Army is pouring in to seal off the cities and hamlets to stop the strife spreading.

How come we have sanctions in a heartbeat on Fiji and we are only deeply concerned about the murder in Tibet?

Lastly, Riddle me this?

If the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board holds fresh elections and all of the sacked board are re-elected, what then?

How did Cunliffe read the 80,000 word, 109 page report that he had never seen, so fast that he was able to comment on its contents?