Roy Morgan dents lickspittles hopes

[Roy Morgan Research] Morgan Poll

The lickspittles have been crowing about what a bad couple of weeks National has had and the amazing phenomena of Key Derangement Syndrome has spread from the Stranded to absentee candidate Jordan Carter and Tony Milne. The good news for all the lickspittles is that their chosen moniker for John Key, “slippery”, is resonating well in the electorate, for John that is and not for them. I wonder if they will ever learn that the politics of denigration don’t work.

Roy Morgan results as follows;

National up 1.5% to 51%
Labour down 1% to 34%
Greens, slipped again, third time in a row, down 0.5% to 6.5%
Winston First, slip, sliding away, down 1% to 3%
Maori Party unchanged on 2% and still causing overhang headaches
ACT has seen a slight increase, 0.5% to 1.5%
UnitedFuture up 0.5% to 1%
Jim “Killjoy” Anderton unchanged at just him and Matt Robson as their only votes.

Further bad news for the government is Roy Morgan’s Government Confidence Rating has fallen to 108 (down 10.5pts) while in the same period the Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Rating has dropped sharply to 106.6 (down 10.2pts). A double whammy for the Clarkists.

Moves must now be seriously being contemplated against Clark.

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